South Rupununi guide: what to visit in Guyana


Curious about how to maximize the benefits of your visit to Guyana? Then think about matching a trip to North Rupununi with a completely unlike South Rupuni. Enjoy vast stretches of wildlife, expansive savannas, pretty peaks, and genuine ranches. If this is your lucky day, you may even get to see a few of the highly exotic wild animals and birds that make this region their homeland. This is only a few of the top causes to pay a visit here.

How to get to South Rupununi


The easiest way to reach and travel around Rupununi is by air. There are several frequent flights that last about an hour each day at the Lethem airstrip in downtown, or chartered flights that are specifically ordered.


The drive from Georgetown to the major node of Lethem takes only 10 to 12 hours in the dry period. It can certainly be much more time consuming in the green period. It can be tiring, but the experience is an all on its own as you move from the shore through the tropical woods and into the savannahs. From Lethem, a trip carrier or a 4×4 cab is one of the better options to reach the sights and drive to the ranch.


Essequibo and its adjacent tributaries run through the Rupununi area. Although not a mode of transportation between Lethem and Georgetown, the region’s rivers are one of the finest options for discovering South Rupununi.

What to visit in South Rupununi

Lethem Guyana

Lethem is hometown to the yearly event during the Rupuni Rodeo Holiday Event, timed to coincide with Easter. Painted red laterite paths bordered by gold-brown savannahs, solid termite mounds, and the encircling Kanuku and Pakaraima mountains keep the scenery difficult to reach. Take advantage of Lethem as a bounce spot to study cooperative ranching, common nature areas, and native hamlets. Plenty of other fauna and birds are just a handful of why explorers simply do not get saturated with this area.

Sand Creek Rodeo Guyana

South Rupunie lying in the middle of ranching Guyana, where bull riding and horseback riding are second to the natives. Rodeo developments convey hikers to the savage west as capable rider demonstrate their stunts. The Sand Creek Rodeo is a day-long activity with cowboy helmets and shoes, beer shots and a variety of different rodeo activities that offer the potential to take your breath away. This event takes place just one day after the Rupununi Rodeo and is a perfect getaway to prolong your holiday season to view more barrel racing, tie-down races and bull or horse rides.
Timings: Dawn to dusk; Admission fee: $5 USD

Kumu Falls Guyana

Just a few minutes from Lethem, the Aboriginal village of Kumu is the location of the waterfall of the same name. At the bottom of every segment are native hot tubs, the ideal place to conquer the intense tropical temperatures. It is simple to orient yourself in the waterfall in the dry seasons, but in the monsoons, the water flows down nonstop. The custom rustic inlet compound is perfect for cooking, suspending a hammock for a nap, or a picnic.
Time: Dawn to dusk; entrance fee: $20 USD

Skull and Bones Mountain Guyana

The earliest inhabitants opened Guyana nearly 35,000 years ago. They were farmers, hunters and anglers who subsisted off the earth – and continue to do so to this day. Among these men there are traditional customs that relate well to their origins. Among the older customs is the funerary custom of placing the dead in big clay potts on the hilltops. Skull and Bones Mountain is an homage to this custom. The trek begins with a dense copse at the bottom, and although it is not a steep trek, you require a hiker with a machete to wade through the dense crawling hills and vines. At the summit of the cave are big and little clay jars with skulls and bones. This can be a major attraction, but the big massive flora sets in for a near-second.
Time: Dawn to dusk; Admission fee: Free

Konashen Guyana

An opportunity for up-close experience with flora and birdlife. This was Guyana’s earliest preserved, communally managed district. With pristine woods and vast savannahs, it is host to an amazing variety and profusion of fauna and unspoiled habitats. The stark beauty and rural allure of Rupuni is on complete display here, so it is advisable to venture into all the great scenery at a slow pace and provide guidance to be sure that you obtain the required permits to enter.

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