How to get to Guyana and transport in Guyana: buses, taxi, ferries prices

Most tourists arrive to Guyana by plane. But you can also get here by ferry across the border of Suriname and Guyana.

How to get to Guyana by air

A passport that expires no sooner than 6 months from the date of travel is necessary.

Return flight ticket required.

Visas necessary for certain countries. No visa needed for citizens of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, USA).

Cheddi Jagan Airport is situated 25 kilometers from Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. There are direct flights from Miami, New York, Toronto, Brazil, London, Suriname, Barbados and Trinidad. As you can see, there is no direct flight from Moscow.

Approximate flight time to Georgetown from:

  • Miami, 4.5 hours.
  • New York: 5.5 hours.
  • London: 9 hours.
  • Toronto: 6 hours.

How to get to Guyana by ferry

The ferry ride takes 40 minutes. It leaves from New Nickery and goes to Springlands near Coryverton and crosses the Corantein River, which divides Suriname and Guyana.

It takes about 3.5 hours to get from Coryverton to Georgetown by car.

You will need:

  • Passport
  • driver’s license
  • Documents proving ownership of the car or a rental agreement for a car rented in Suriname.
  • Car insurance.

At the customs post your car will be inspected and you will be given an entry permit valid for one month. If necessary, it can be renewed at the Customs Department in Georgetown.


How to get to Guyana by boat

Arrive in Guyana at the small port of Bartica, 35 nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean on Essekibo, where the ship will go through customs inspection.

In addition to the customs inspection, you will be required to go to immigration and check in at the police headquarters on First Avenue? Which is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays.

West Bank Demerara (1 hotel, distance 32.9 km)
Georgetown (8 hotels, distance 35.5 km)
Paramaribo (52 hotels, distance 348.1 km)
Mersorg (3 hotels, distance 353.4 km)
Berg-en-Dal (1 hotel, distance 380.4 km)
Boa Vista (11 hotels, distance 483.7 km)
Canaima (1 hotel, distance 504.6 km)
Puerto Ordas (5 hotels, distance 527.2 km).

How to get to Georgetown from Cheddi Jagan International Airport

Cheddi Jagan International Airport is readily available with many forms of transit to and from the airport.

There is an authorized cab company at the airport. Cab drivers are recognizable by formal badges and outfit (white jack shirt and black pants).

Each cab is fitted with a listing of locations and charges for each spot. We recommend you using official cab service for all your airport transportation needs.

Fares from the airport to Georgetown vary from $25.00 to $30.00.


Inbound travelers requiring transit might want to get the official Ogle Airport Taxis. Cabs are accessible at the terminal, and prices typically vary from 1,000 UAH ($5. U.S.) to 2,000 UAH ($10. U.S.) according to the drop-off location. Cab rates for locations around Georgetown vary from $500 to $600.

The single other type of local transport is minibuses, which accommodate up to 15 people. Minibus rates for a ride
varies from $80 to $100 according to the location.

Transport in Guyana

How to get around Georgetown by Cabs and Buses

Georgetown is serviced by cabs working around the town.

Before getting in a cab, check the prices to the destination you are looking for. Take recognizable yellow cabs or cabs with the appropriate cab symbols only. Also, seek advice from the hotel counter personnel to help you choose suppliers, perhaps those who are existing contractors.

Likewise, there are super low-cost private minibuses running in designated locations – all over town, up and down the waterfront, to Cheddi Jagan International Airport and Lynden. The agreement applies to all minibus lines nationwide. Verify and validate these fares before you begin your trip.

Getting a ride within Georgetown by bus: Short stops inside town cost about $120.00 GY$, and lengthier bus stops are $160.00 GY$: Cab rides for brief distances: roughly GY$300-$GY400 more long rides in GY$500.00 or larger, as the rates will range by location.

Hire cars are readily accessible.

How to get around Georgetown by riverboats and ferries

From the reopening of the Berbice Bridge linking East and West Berbice, trip hours are shortened for travelers from Georgetown to Berbice and onward to Suriname across the Moleson Creek Ferry.

Charges for passage over the Berbice Bridge are applied depending on the capacity of the transport. Folks traveling from Moleson Creek to Nickery, Suriname, by boat from Kanawaima will be required to pay $15.00. The fee is $15.00 per adult one-way. Refundable fare for kids (3- to 12-year-olds) will be US$10.00 for one-way and US$15.00 for the reverse direction.

Those who live in West Demerara can opt to go by car over the Demerara Harbor Bridge or by shuttle from Stabroek Stelling to Vreed-en-Hoop, which are slanted across from one another.

The road, starting on the west shore of Demerara, is actively used because it is a connection to the town of Parika on the east shore of the Essequibo River, which has emerged as an essential center of industrial development in the Essequibo area.

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