Top 10 Tours in Guyana: best things to do

Horse exCursion

Walk through the rural areas, along creeks and passing trees filled with budgies and lots of animals of the wilderness with this horseback excursion. Riding a horse is a joyful and energetic way to investigate the ridden sights that a lot of tourists look at and provides you with a nice feeling of living in the Guyanese high countryside.

  • It is a break from the city Investigate the beautiful countryside.
  • Secure and breathtaking areas.
  • Horseback riding lets you discover regions unreachable by a different means.

from $153.85

A bike tour of the Kanuku Mountains, including Kumu Falls

Cycling is a joyful and energetic path to discover Guyana. This excursion will lead you through little villages and pretty savannah to arrive at many waterfalls, giving you some free time for swimming, eating and catching some fish before heading back to town.

  • Leave the battered highway and head into the rolling countryside.
  • Have a swim to relax from the hot weather.

from $128.21

7-Day Guyana Wild Ranch Adventure from Lethem

Review your horse’s saddle and hold your sight peeled for giant anteaters over the course of ranching expedition in Guyana’s Rupuni area. Journey into the vast savannah of this exciting area to assist a native family ranch with many of chores.

  • A native region community of giant anteaters on horses home eating ranch style.
  • Close stream for a fishing and a swim.
  • Taking the challenge of riding a horse up Mt. Shiririri.

from $1,846.16

A 9-day expedition to Mt. Kanuku from Lethem

Run away in the wild, untouched landscape on this excursion.Venture into the forest, camp in the wild nature, and learn how to hunt and fish.

Hike at night in search of native tree snakes, anacondas, caimans and other mammals,

  • Take an expedition to Mount Kanuku Camp in Guyana, feel a vibe of this country.
  • Discover hunting and fishing and participate in hikes to spot tree snakes, anacondas, caimans and other mammals.
  • Construct a tree sanctuary to have a look at animals See Local wildlife in natural environment.

from $2,200.00

A 9-day or 11-day Guiana River Burro Burro trip

Embark on an outdoor wildlife expedition on this extraordinarily full 9- or 11-day trip down the Burro Burro River in Guyana. Camp in remote shelters, adding to the night hikes in pursuit of giant otters, tapirs, anaconda snakes, and lots of other things. You’ll also practice recognizing medicinal herbs, archery, and catching arapaimas, one of the biggest freshwater fish of all time.

from $2,000.00

8-Day Rupununi Savannah and Kaieteur Falls Adventure from Georgetown

Take a journey through unbelievable Guyana to marvel at the vibrant urban and environmental marvels from Georgetown to the spectacular Kaieteur Falls and Rupunununi Savannah. The excursion includes a walk through the rainforest to see birds, observe wildlife and experience nature in its finest form. You’ll meet a secret slice of heaven in this lesser-studied land known as Guyana.

  • Nearby experience of wildlife
  • Airport transfers
  • All admission tickets included
  • All taxes, fuels and handling charges covered.

from $2,460.93

3 Guianas Express

Overview Tour the expansive tropical forests, thriving bio-diversity and discover the impact of the British, Dutch and French colonies on this moderated and smaller-group excursion, which features si six nights’ lodging and airfare to Paramarimbo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the heritage, architecture, cuisine and environmental beauty of Georgetown, Cayenne City, Devils Island, as well as federal national parks, plantations, waterfalls and landmarks at every singular rest location.

  • Explore the rich biodiversity and wildlife nearby
  • Visit Georgetown, Paramaribo, Cayenne, Devils Island Tour Cayetour Falls, home to golden frogs
  • Learn about the influence of the French, Dutch and British on Guyana.

from $2,871.80

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Fortaleza to Bridgetown 22 days

Head north from Fortaleza to the Caribbean for some stunning views and sightseeing. This trip has everything you could wish for from Brazil – Zodiac excursions into the powerful Amazon rainforest, culinary perfection, and unprecedented exposure to native societies. Throw in some extraordinary wilderness and immerse yourself in France’s South American background, and you’re in for a trip that’s sure to tick all the Brazilian boxes.

  • Trip to Forte do Castelo in Belém.
  • Admire the gigantic aquatic lilies.
  • Excursion through the town of Georgetown.
  • Watch native species of nature in Chaguaramas National Park.

From 13,680$

Guyana Jungle Survival 7 Days

Encouraged by fellow curious explorers who favor expeditions, our latest travel adventure in Guyana provides a peek into the wilderness of the jungle of escape. Camp together in jungle woods and discover for yourself how to construct a dwelling, start a campfire, search for meals, and many things on a full-day wilderness course. Your Native American counselor is your traveling partner and counselor as you journey through the jungle. Incorporate this pristine trip with tours of Guyana’s Georgetown, picturesque savannahs, Native American hamlets and outlying Cayetour Falls. A uniquely Guyanese 1-week vacation!

  • Experience rainforest on a full-day expedition with an Native American leader.
  • Investigate the environmental beauties around Kaieteur Falls and Orinduick Falls.
  • Take a sightseeing excursion through the distinctive town of Georgetown with your counselor.

From 3,375$

Guyana Rainforest 6 days

Guyana is a fabulous location for hikers who desire to experience the faraway tropical woods and a diverse array of native fauna and wildlife. This six day adventure provides a fast look for explorers wanting to gain a flavor of the tropical woods and scenic beauties of wildlife, Kaieteur Falls. Explore a native American Indian farming community and watch the life of birds, gigantic stream otters, tapirs. Experience a guided sightseeing trip around Georgetown to complete this magnificent sightseeing trip!

  • Explore the historic Stabroek Market.
  • Check out the community school, health clinic and chapel in the Surama hamlet.
  • Wander the Savannah and Surama Mountain in pursuit of a variety of native species of flora and fauna.
  • Explore Kaieteur Falls, the tallest freefalling waterfall of all time.

From 1.275$

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