Top lodges to stay in Guyana

Want to see Gaiana’s best wildlife? Immerse yourself in the source of the Amazon and Escuenivo, between the dense rainforest and the tanned river, or among the golden grasslands of the Lupnuni region, and choose your favorite jungle hut.

Karanambu Eco Lodge

There is little chance of following in the footsteps of world-renowned conservationists. The clay brick and thatched roof cottages are the ideal place to enjoy a comfortable stay in well-equipped facilities, listening to the barking of tree frogs outside and feeling one with nature. Lunch time in the cabin is one of the most exciting moments of the day, all guests gather in a common room to discuss what they saw during the trip. What unforgettable experience will you have during your stay? wild animals? Hospitable? It can be as insignificant as the side dish of passion fruit in the safari park in the evening.

Surama eco Lodge

Eco Lodge is an ideal place to relax in nature. This community-run hotel is located near the Burobulro River. Fishing and hiking can bring your five senses to nature. As you cast your line and bite the fish, find all kinds of weird Kaiman, Kawauso and birds.

All hotels are managed by the local community, so you have the opportunity to interact with the natives of the village.

Rewa Eco Hostel

Rewa, another community-owned cottage, placed in the countryside and is perfect for various activities and in close proximity to excursions. Rewa is an incredible feature for nature lovers and an ideal base for being close to local wildlife and birds. The warm hospitality of 300 villagers, the exquisite local cuisine, the simple and comfortable thatched houses and the uninterrupted jungle experience. We recommend spending an extra day exploring multiple trails or going on an exciting fishing trip in Arapima.

Iwokrama River Lodge

Iwokrama River and the research center bridge dining area overlook the magnificent view. Nature trails and river tours are worth a visit. The hotel is very suitable for wild birds and serious wildlife as well as people who are just warming up. This is an exciting safari park that provides Kaiman tags and access to other wildlife. Don’t miss the night boat safari: the guided tour will take you through trails and hikes through the primeval forest and you will experience the country’s biggest attraction, the tropical rainforest.

Pakaraima Mountain Lodge

Pakaraima Mountain Inn has fairly basic facilities, but with stunning views and access to the surrounding forests and savannah, there’s no shortage of people here. You just need to sit back and slide into the armchair to enjoy the magnificent view, or if you want to raise your head slightly, head up the low hill behind the bedroom. At other times, you can swim in the river, pick fruit, and walk the nature trails. When you come back from the adventure, relax with a freshly made sour soap. Pakaraima Mountain Inn’s laid-back vibe, evening jam parties, and delicious food are popular with travelers.

Rock View Guest House

Rockview has more than 25 years of reception history and is one of the most famous addresses on the Georgetown-Retem highway. The backbone of the hotel is an indigenous community, offering warm hospitality and a pleasant stay. Highlights of the hotel include ranch life, wildlife viewing trails, Tambaki farming, recreational pools, art and culture. In fact, the hotel is also home to the first Lupununi Music and Art Festival. Rockview is not a hotel that follows basic principles, so comfort, entertainment and nature adventures can be enjoyed here.

Atta Guest House

When you are not walking a large tree on the canopy path, you can relax in the common area of ​​the hut or stroll in the garden to Piha and Aum music. A well-trained guide will guide you through the unique flora and fauna on morning and evening walks. In fact, if you are playing, they will wake you up even in the middle of the night when the jaguar discovers the jungle hike. It is definitely worth staying here for a few more days to provide comfortable accommodation and hundreds of birds around Atta Lodge. The shelter’s striking earthy room is perfect for resting tired muscles after a day of hiking in the jungle.

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